AWP 2012 Winner and Guidelines

National Program Directors’ Prize for Undergraduate Literary Magazines
2011 Winners & 2012 Guidelines

2012 Submission Guidelines:

Undergraduate literary magazines published between March 15, 2011 & March 15, 2012 are eligible for consideration. Magazines must be staffed & edited primarily by undergraduate students & must include some undergraduate writing. Two copies of a single issue of the magazines should be submitted as representative of the year’s production. Each entry should be accompanied by a cover letter which should contain complete contact information. The final judges for content & design will be announced at the conclusion of the competition.

Winners will be announced in the The Writer’s Chronicle & in other media, & winning magazines will be featured at AWP’s Annual Conference the following year. Prize money will be sent directly to the winning magazines.

Submissions must arrive at AWP by March 15th, 2012. Send two copies of one issue and contact information to: National Program Directors’ Prizes, The Association of Writers & Writing Programs, MSN 1E3, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA 22030-4444.

The Association of Writers & Writing Programs is pleased to announce the winners of the 2010 National Program Directors’ Prizes for Undergraduate Literary Magazines. Instituted by the directors of AWP member creative writing programs, the prizes are awarded annually in the categories of content and design. Each winning magazine-one in content, one in design- receives a $500 cash award. For a list of previous winners, please see: Past Winners 2001-2010. Information about and submission guidelines for the 2012 prize can be found at the bottom of this page.

2011 Design Winner:
12th Street
The New School Writing Program

“12th Street by the Riggio Honors Program of the New School is a striking package that draws you in at first glance, guides you through its marvels and keeps you close in its wonders. In these days of lamentations at “the death of the book” this is a journal that has considered the purpose of this most efficient piece of literary-delivery technology and declared “Printed Text Lives.” 12th Street’s front and back covers tell you what to expect with an artful arrangement of pull quotes; Venn diagrams of stories; wry comments on contents—all set as a beautiful and appealing piece of text art. Between the covers, the journal gets down to business, with fine use of typeface and ink, a helpful and helpfully laid out Table of Contents, individual works set on the page to enhance reading, and art that both stands on its own as well as comments on the literary material. Kudos also for the complementary, comprehensive, and exciting website accompanying the issue.”
-Design Judge: Judith Baumel, Adelphi University

2011 Content Winner:
12th Street
The New School Writing Program

AWP awards its prize for the best content for a literary magazine to 12th Street, for the variety of its forms of poetry, the high level of overall achievement in its stories, poems, and exposition, and the seriousness, in the best sense, of its overall approach to writing. Both in the sequence of its presentation and the substantiality of its offerings set a high standard.””
-Content Judge: Roger Lathbury, George Mason University



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