New Year, New Office

Now that it is the end of the fourth week of learning at Guilford, we’ve finally settled enough to have a coherent blog post. One of the biggest changes the Greenleaf Review has undergone is the acquisition of a shiny new office! We have been moved from the hidden, tunnel-like publication suite (where we shared a small office with the Quaker)  to the new, beautiful Student Organization Commons on the first floor of Founders, where we share a spacious office with the wonderful Guilfordian (fig. A & B). You should come check us out!

Greenleaf Review Office
Fig. A. Our magnificent desk. Notice the bewitching reflection of the clock on the wood and the subtle placement of the pencils.
Editors in office
Fig. B. Our officers showing respectful anger at The Guilfordian’s many awards placed above our desk.

In other news, Max, an alumnus of the Greenleaf Review, has started a literary magazine for Greensboro (or, as he calls it, Dreamsboro) named The _____ Horn. Issue one, Uncharted, is coming out next week, and from what we’ve seen it’s going to be absolutely fabulous. And we’re not just saying this because Max is an alumnus, James Williamson and Yezmin Villarreal, Greenleaf Review alum, both have work in the debut issue, or because we’ve got an advertisement in it, as the sheer quality of the magazine is compelling enough.

We have lots of exciting events coming up this year, like guest speakers, poetry readings, writing contests, and more. This blog will have lots of new guest writers posting bimonthly. In other words, come to the Greenleaf Review for a good time!



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