Greenleaf Review Showcase

GUS Greenleaf Review Showcase Presenters (l-r): Anthony Harrison, Amber Swan, Addie Allred, Mary Heisey, Chelsea Burris and Jordan Williams

Guilford Undergraduate Symposium is a yearly opportunity for Guilford students to share their research, academic papers, art projects, and more. Amidst all the talks, posters, and students in their business attire, the Greenleaf Review presented it’s second annual special event to showcase Guilford writers, aptly named the Greenleaf Review Showcase.

Six writers, including staff of the Greenleaf Review, the Guilfordian, and members of the Guilford Writing Group, shared their poetry, short fiction and personal essays. The audience was silent and focused during the readings, but afterward asked thoughtful questions about the pieces. It was a celebration of creativity at Guilford, and we hope to continue it in the years to come as a Greenleaf Review tradition.


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