Rhett Ismean Trull Shares Her Work with the Quakers


Our final poetry reading of the year on April 2nd was a lovely, intimate event with Greensboro local Rhett Iseman Trull. Her first book of poetry, The Real Warnings (Anhinga Press, 2009), received the 2008 Anhinga Prize for Poetry. Her poems have appeared in The American Poetry Review, Prairie Schooner, The Southern Review, and other publications. She is the editor of Cave Wall, a literary magazine published in here in Greensboro. You can learn more about her at http://www.rhettisemantrull.com/ or check out her magazine at http://www.cavewallpress.com/aboutus.html.



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  1. Reblogged this on Liturgical Credo and commented:
    Rhett Iseman Trull published “Counting Miracles at the State Asylum” in the first edition of LiturigcalCredo. That poem went on to become “Counting Miracles” in Trull’s award-winning first book of poetry, “The Real Warnings.” But rather than navigate our currently messy archives, you can read that poem by going directly to the original page: http://liturgicalcredo.com/PoetryPage031507.html .

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