It’s Here! We’re Welcoming the New Volume of The Greenleaf Review!


The wait is over: 2015’s Greenleaf Review is already circling the campus. It features prose, poetry, and art alike! We’re very proud to be able to say this issue may be the best yet! It’s stuffed full of the work of some very talented Guilford students, and we’re excited to share their work with you.

This years Greenleaf Review features: Adrianna M. Allred, Teresa I. Bedzigui, AC Canup, Brittany Cominos, Niall Donegan, Julia Geaney-Moore, Nicole Gaines, Laura Hay, Elizabeth Houde, Jonahs Jones, Anna Kelley, Abe Kenmore, Faith Krech, Karlen Lambert, Kristy Lapenta, Justyn Melrose, Samantha Metzner, Kate Mitchell, Ilari Pass, Gabe Pollak, Emma Rountree, Subhadra Semetaite, James Trout, Eli Tuchler, Grace Van Fleet, and Eliana Weiner.


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