Are you a Word Nerd? Ask Yourself These and Find Out!

Are You a Word Nerd?

Here’s a quick and easy test to determine if you have a passion for the reading and/or writing of the written—or spoken—word!

Be honest. We’re all friends (Quaker pun!) here.

Do any of these apply to you? If you admit “yes” in your mind, you know what that means—or at least you can probably guess.

  • Do you have a favorite word(s)?
  • And here’s the tricky part…
  • What do you like about the word(s)?
  • Is it how it/they sound read aloud? The way it/they look on a page? The meaning of the word(s)? Any combination of those things?

If you answered yes to the first question, you might be a Word Nerd.

Now, on to something a little more challenging.

  • Have you ever enjoyed listening to an audiobook?
  • Did you ever intentionally listen to an audiobook just because you liked it?
  • Are you a fan of spoken word poetry?
  • Have you heard of Button Poetry?
  • Have you ever enjoyed it when friends, family, or even strangers with nice reading voices read aloud to you or in your presence?

I’ll let you guess what those answers might indicate.

  • In the last thirty days, have you picked up and read a book because you wanted to?
  • In the last thirty days, have you been reading something because you had to, and just really—maybe even secretly—enjoyed it?

Reading is, according to our extensive research, an indicator of word nerdiness.

  • Have you ever been unreasonably angry by word misusage or grammar violations in spoken or written word(s)?
  • Have you wished bodily harm on someone based on their improper word usage/grammar? Has this happened to you in the last six months?
  • The last thirty days?
  • The last thirty hours?
  • Thirty minutes even?

If so, I definitely sympathize. In addition, these are strong indicators of a high level of word nerd tendencies.

  • Do you work alliteration into your everyday conversation?
  • Do you insert puns into your conversations—earning you the hatred and admiration of all around you?
  • Do you notice—and even appreciate—rhyming?

As you may have figured out by now, positive answers to these questions largely indicate at least some level of word nerd-ness within you. Currently, there is no known cure for this affliction. However, if you find that you are, in fact, a word nerd, it’s unlikely that you want to be cured. I recommend embracing your passion whether that’s through reading, writing, speaking, or listening.


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