Didn’t Get Your Work Published?


by: Krista Barone

This year, the Greenleaf Review saw the largest number of submissions is has ever received with over 100 art submissions, 80 poetry submission, and 120 prose submissions. While our staff was pleased and excited about the outstanding number of submissions, we had to really scrutinize every single submissions and turn down more pieces of art and writing more than we would have liked to.

For me, the most challenging aspect about being a staff member for the Greenleaf Review was having to reject submissions, because I was stunned and impressed at how intricate and beautiful each piece of artwork I viewed was. It was very difficult having to turn down a vast majority of the artwork that students submitted, because I can image how much time, effort, and precision was needed in order for every artist to put their heart and soul into their own unique masterpiece. However, there is some good news for those who did not get published but still wish to display their work to the Guilford College community.

If you submitted work to the Greenleaf Review and did not get published, there’s still a chance to have your artwork or poetry seen and heard. The Greenleaf Review is having a Poetry Slam contest Friday April 15 from 7-9pm in the Greenleaf Review in the basement of Milner; open to anyone and everyone. Sign up for a chance to have your poetry heard at nolletce@guilford.edu.


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