Boeing Boeing Takes Off

By: Andie Bronstein

The Guilford College Theater department has done it again! Tickets are flying off the shelf for the new production of Boeing Boeing, a fast paced comedy set in mid 1960’s Paris. Staged entirely in one penthouse apartment the show follows Bernard, a young bachelor of sorts as he tries to entertain his fiancees (yes, all three of them),  his maid Berthe, who reluctantly helps him switch between lives, and the surprise appearance of Bernard’s old friend Robert, a quirky spinster from Wisconsin who stays the weekend. The ticket to Bernard’s triple life is that all three of his finances are air-stewardesses on different airlines, meaning they all run on different flight schedules, allowing Bernard to alternate between the three depending on who just so happens to be in Paris that evening. That is until the introduction of a newer, faster,  jet to all three airlines lands them in the same time zone for a night. The show as a whole was absolutely hilarious, incredibly well done, and was overall a great thing to witness.

What was truly phenomenal, aside from the stunning set and period specific costumes, was the casting. Often in college theater it’s difficult to see behind the familiar face of a friend on stage, which can take away from the overall performance. However at a point very early on in the show it stopped being Julius Frank and Colin Tripp playing the two male leads, and just appeared as though I was truly watching Bernard and Robert tackle the problems in front of them. Their chemistry along with all three flight attendants flawlessly executing their characters (even down to the accents) makes for a beautifully interconnected and discombobulated show held up entirely by people in it, doing what they love most. Congratulations GuilCo Theater Department, all of your hard work shows! After the Performance, I was lucky enough to sit down with senior Nina Troy, who plays Gretchen in the show for a brief interview.

  • Briefly tell me about the show and who you played?

“I play Gretchen, she is the Lufthansa flight attendant for the German airline. [Boeing Boeing] is a hilarious play about three flight attendants who are all engaged to be married to the same man who lives in Paris. None of them know about the others existence because they all are on different flight schedules. Until they all end up at his home one night and hilarity ensues!”

  • How was opening night?

“It was awesome! It went really well. I felt we were really prepared and energetic and the audience was great to feed off of. They were laughing the entire time.We were even laughing backstage!”

  • What’s been your favorite part about working on this production so far?

“The amount of fun that it’s been to watch everyone learn and grow as we go along and see it pay off every time. The fact that I get to come to rehearsal and laugh everyday.”


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