Best spots to create On Campus

By: Maile Munro

Tired of the same four walls around you? Looking for new environments that will inspire you to write or draw? Here are some spots around Guilford College to get those creative juices flowing!

  1. The Quad

Take advantage of our beautiful campus and sit in the middle of the quad. During the 15 minutes in between classes, see the students rushing by imagine the lives they lead. Use the quiet time in between to expand and fill the quad with your inspiration.


  1. Greenleaf Coffee Co-op

The classic space to create: a coffee shop! Take a break from your crazy schedule, let the waxing and waning of the Greenleaf crowd nurture your work. Whether it be a cozy arm chair, couch to lounge on, or a stool at the coffee bar, the space has the seating you crave. And of course, they provide delicious coffee and drinks to fuel your creativity.


  1. The Lake

Working on setting? Looking to be inspired by swaying trees, chirping birds, and sunbathing turtles? The lake here on campus is the perfect location to get you closer to nature. Take a hammock or a blanket and observe the wild we have so close to us.


  1. The Gazebo at the Farm

In this half in/half out location, you can be protected from the sun and be a little closer to the outdoors. You can see the farm (and if your lucky, the farm workers!) close by. Draw inspiration from the invigorating process of growing your own food and meditate on the larger agricultural system we are a part of!


  1. Carnegie Room in Hege Library

If you’re looking for a quiet workspace then the Carnegie Room in Hege Library is the place for you! The eerie quiet is only occasionally interrupted by footsteps echoing off the high ceilings. Let the history inspire you and draw energy from the peace to fill the room with your creativity.




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