The Beating Heart of the Greenleaf Review—Our People!

pen and paper

By: Lila Jones

Each and every person has a part to play when you are a member of our Literary Magazine Practicum. Every week we work on new approaches to update our magazine. We are each respectful to all those around us as well as the work that is sent to us for publication. Being part of the literary magazine is fun, but it is also a lot of work. If you want to be part of the Greenleaf Review, there are a few different jobs you can do.

First off, we have the Co-Editors in Chief. Their job is to manage and give tasks to the rest of the staff to work on during the entirety of our literary magazine’s journey to and from the printer. The Co Editors in Chief are also responsible for budgeting, strategic planning, as well as the final product of our magazine. Next, we have the Managing Editor. Their job is to oversee the routine operations of the magazine and report directly to the Co-Editors in Chief.

After the Managing Editor, we have the Treasurer. This person is in charge of the money. Now hold up—you may think this is an easy job, right? But, this job is a big deal and the person responsible for it has a lot of work to do too. The Treasurer is responsible for watching over all the financial aspects of our magazine and knowing how much is in our budget to use in the creation of our publication. This person is also in charge of budgeting, funding, fundraising, and financial planning.

Next, we have the Poetry Editor. This person is in charge of all the poetry submissions which are sent to us by people who want their work in our publication. This Editor is also in charge of bringing all the poems to meetings inside and outside of the classroom during the submission reviewing process. You may think that this is a lot of work for one person alone, and you’re right!

The Poetry Editor isn’t just working on this alone. There is also a Poetry Second, who helps with the reviewing and decision making process as well as being trained to one day become the poetry editor themselves. You may think that is all, but no! There is also a whole team of people lending their eyes to the poems and voicing their opinions on the poems as we work to decide which ones will end up in our magazine.

This is true for the Prose Editor’s job as well. This person is in charge of all the prose submissions. The Art Editor is a lot like the Poetry and Prose Editors, except this person is in charge of all the art submissions. After these, we have the Web Editor. This person’s job is to manage and make our literary magazine’s website catchy and interesting to the public. There is also a Web Second, who is a trainee that helps make the website pop as well as learning the ropes from the Web Editor themselves.

Next off, we have the Layout Editor. This person is in charge of the magazine’s layout before it hits the printers. So, every single page is under advisement as the Layout Editor and their team contemplates which art, poetry, or prose piece should go on one page or another and why. Sometimes, there is a Layout Second who helps level out the work, but if there’s not one during a semester, that’s okay too. We have a whole team of people who help out.

After Layout, we have the Events Manager. This person is in charge of any and all upcoming events that the Greenleaf Review hosts in the community. Community involvement is a great way to share with the public what the Greenleaf Review is about and the Events Manager creates entertaining events that do just that. Last, but not last is the rest of the Staff. These people work where their passions are and where they are needed to make the magazine ready to be sent to the printer!


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