By: Kinye Watson


It’s a word that brings to mind all that is fanciful: defining itself as the occurrence of and development of events by chance in a happy or fortune way, while conjuring images that both sooth and sensationalize, bringing forth pure, sweet bliss. Well, that’s the normal, if not dramatized, definition of serendipity. At Guilford College, however, the word serendipity takes on a new meaning. It stops being defined simply as events that line up fortunately, and becomes a festival to rival any celebration put on by our forebears. From the family-friendly early afternoon festivities, to the risqué evening Bacchanals, Guilford College’s Serendipity Festival has something for almost everyone. It’s a celebration of spring, of life, of simply getting the chance to live and breathe another day, and make the most of the time given to us here on this earth. And, yes, there can be no denying that such a festival does indeed bring to mind the scandalous, untamed college parties that society is so very fond of perpetuating, but Serendipity is so much more than that. (Well, it can be: it really depends on what kind of person you are—if you want to go out and party and get wild and treat the festival just like any other college celebration, you totally can—it’s up to you.) And I think a great example of that would be everyone’s favorite early afternoon Serendipity event: Lakefest. An event hosted just beside Guilford’s large, glittering lake, Lakefest is something of a carnival, where food stalls, bounce houses, tutu-making stations and various sports all collide to make one unforgettable event, the likes of which can only be found at a Guilford Serendipity. By all accounts, Lakefest is a decidedly family-friendly atmosphere, and is definitely the kind of place where good, wholesome fun is not only a guarantee, but also the rule of thumb. It’s only in the evening where things get slightly more…provocative. Now, this isn’t to say that kids are just going around hosting orgies and snorting coke out of stripper’s belly buttons. It’s nothing quite that disreputable. By provocative, I simply mean that Serendipity’s nighttime events have a slightly more adult edge to them. Granted, safety comes first and campus security guards do tend to skulk in the crooks and crannies around campus, ready to break up any sort of unacceptable impropriety, but for the most part, Serendipity night events are a live and let live kind of place; rules aren’t necessarily broken by Guilford’s morally upstanding denizens. They’re simply bent just a touch out of place. And honestly, even that lurid description is a bit over-dramatic, belying the fact that events held on campus are always ones where the honor code is given pride of place. Overall, from Colorfest to the risqué midnight Bacchanals, Serendipity is exactly what it sounds like—a small break from the harsh rigors of academic life, and a chance to explore all the pleasures that Guilford College has to offer.


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