By Sir TemplingBalm SkuzzBernap the thirs (with an s)

Oh my my

OH my Betamax player OH my BeEtamax player

Sweet Sweet Player.

Your Nimble Discus wavers the video players threw my and of the layersLAYERS

PLAYERS! PLAYERS! Unwind wax your eye wholes to view, element, blooming:

cassettes contain .50 in (12.7 mm)-wide videotape in a design similar to the earlier, professional .75 in (19 mm) wide, U-matic format. The format is obsoOOOOOOOOOOOOO

a grim gram of filmic flim flams Maneuvering!-!

the rival videotape format VHS (introduced in Japan by JVC in October 1976[4] and in the United States by RCA in August 1977[5]), Betamax had no guard band and used azimuth recording to reduce crosstalk. OSstalk OOOOOOOOOOOOO

OH YOU You Yop y’ar

My illustrious piece of plastic, of Metal, of Silky Streaming bands of tape,

I yearn to run my prawns along my B-side

Flappy flanks of flopping flabs

I don’t g-gat’ther ing



Pdtduh Pdtduh Pdtduh*Breath*

Pdtduh *Breath*

Pdtduuh *Strained Breath*

PdtduuhPdtduuuh *Strained Breath*


*Strained Breath*

*Strained Breath*

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