About the Greenleaf Review

Founded in 1958 as The Tad, The Greenleaf Review is Guilford College’s student run, annual literary and arts magazine. We work to nurture our College’s diverse artistic community by hosting events that feed creativity and by providing a venue for student writer and artists to be published. We will consider any poetry, prose, and art submitted by Guilford College students, and welcome students join us in the effort to foster creative work on campus.

Work published in the Greenleaf Review has been recognized regionally by the North Carolina College Media Association and nationally by plain china: Best Undergraduate Writing. The Greenleaf Review is also member of FUSE, the Forum for Undergraduate Student Editors.

To submit poetry, prose, or art to the Greenleaf Review, Guilford College students can fill out this form.

To join the Greenleaf Review editorial staff, students can register for ENGL 275: Literary Magazine Practicum.

To Read the Jumped Story from Our 2016 Edition click here.